How Does Loveland Rate When It Comes to Quality of Life?

December 28, 2015

Known as the “Sweetheart City”, the city of Loveland lies at the base of the Rocky Mountains but beyond looking like an ideal place to work and live, how does the city rate when it comes to a high quality of life?


The 2015 Quality of Life survey results were recently released by the City of Loveland and it shows that the citizens of Loveland rate their city programs and services as positive.


The 24-question survey sent to over 3,000 random residents includes data gathered from 891 city residents that rated services offered in the city limits including water and electric utilities, parks, recycling, trash service, fire protection and cleanliness.


The above services were highest rated by respondents with more than 90 percent agreeing they were “high-quality.”


Some of the areas for improvement came from the city’s efforts to provide transportation options, senior services, youth activities and work to attract high-quality employers. The most dramatic decreases in satisfaction were in response to questions surrounding safety in the community, the city providing quality police services, and the ability to travel by car to locations within the city with minimal delays.


The Quality of Live survey has been administered by the City of Loveland since 2007 and for the second year, the survey was extended to an online audience which garnered and increased the response rate by 32 percent.  Those respondents were generally in a younger age bracket and tended to give the city efforts higher ratings than those that mailed in their survey.


The areas that showed an increase in satisfaction were in response to the sewer system and its reliability, the street surfaces being drivable and safe, water runoff from storms being controlled to minimize flooding and the city being an attracting venue for shopping opportunities.

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