7 Quarantine Home Projects for Your Rental

April 22, 2020

With the extra time spent at your Fort Collins rental home, you have the perfect opportunity to take on some of the home projects that you’ve been putting off. Before you binge-watch everything on Netflix, think about tackling some simple home projects that can help keep you from going stir crazy.


quarantine rental house projects


Although you cannot make any changes to the house itself, there are plenty of ways that you can revamp your house without making unnecessary trips to the store for nonessential items. Here are 7 ideas for rental home projects that can easily be done during quarantine.


1. Declutter Your Closets and Cabinets


Over time, even the most organized person will begin to accumulate stuff. Whether your closets are filled with necessary belongings or unnecessary junk, chances are there is a closet, or two, in your home that could use a little TLC. By cleaning out stuff that you no longer need, want, or have a purpose for, you can free up storage space and make the most of the things you do have.


2. Give to Those in Need


As you declutter, you can throw things away or divide items into bags to give away. Many thrift stores are still accepting donations even if their retail store is not open, but you can also divide items to give away to friends or someone you know who could use them. There are many people that are struggling during this time and do not have the things they need to take care of their home and loved ones. By giving away toys, clothing, household items, or even food, you can be a blessing to others at a critical time of need.


3. Rearrange Furniture to Refresh a Room


You can easily transform the look of a room, even if you are not able to make any major changes and without spending a lot of money. To refresh a room, start by rearranging the existing furniture in the space. Move your couch to a different wall if you can or place accent chairs in a different corner of the room. If you don’t have flexibility in arranging furniture, you might try swapping out decorative items between rooms. For example, you could bring the pretty lamp from your guest bedroom into your living room or switch the rugs in your living room and master bedroom. You might not be able to go to your favorite store for new décor, but you can shop your home and restyle items to make the space feel like new.


4. Get Started on Spring Cleaning


Every year as the cold of winter fades away and the warmth of spring becomes more routine, many people feel inspired to deep clean their homes. Weather in Colorado can be unpredictable, but spring cleaning of your rental can start whenever you’re ready, especially when there is a stay-at-home order in place. If you’re growing tired of scrolling through social media, grab your cleaning supplies, turn on your favorite playlist, and put your free time to work. Make a list of your must-do spring cleaning tasks and take on tasks one at a time. A deep cleaning can also help you disinfect your home from any lingering germs that have been brought in.


5. Organization Can Go a Long Way


Even if you have decluttered and cleaned out closets, there are probably a few organization projects that can help you better utilize the space in your rental home. Whether you organize the Tupperware cabinet in your kitchen or medicine cabinet in your bathroom, time spent organizing will be time well spent. Closets can be rearranged and sorted so that your most-used items are more accessible, while rarely used items are left for the back corners or higher shelves. You can also look into labeling storage bins, baskets, or containers in your closets or storage spaces so that you are easily able to find items.


6. Finish Your Refinishing Projects


Many of us have projects sitting around just waiting to be finished, like an old dresser that needed a facelift or a box of picture frames that need a fresh coat of spray paint. Or you might have refinishing project ideas sitting in your Pinterest boards that you simply haven’t had time to get to. Whatever it is, take any pent up energy you have and use it to prep, prime, and paint the items you already have.


7. Spruce Up Your Yard


Regardless of the size of your yard, there is almost always yard work to be done, especially after winter. There may be leftover leaves that have piled up in corners or branches that have broken off of trees after a snowstorm. Perhaps you have flowerbeds that need to be cleaned up or mulch that needs to be filled in. Take advantage of warm sunny days over this next month to clean up your yard and get it ready for summer. Hopefully, you will have the opportunity to use your spruced up yard to entertain the friends and family you haven’t gotten the chance to see during this quarantine.

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