reasons you will love apartment livingApartments can sometimes get a bad rap, but in reality, there’s a lot to love about apartment living. This unique living situation offers a huge variety of benefits for just about everyone. If you’re contemplating if you should find an apartment in Fort Collins, maybe this article can help you weigh the benefits. Here are 10 top reasons why you’ll love apartment living.


No maintenance

One of the biggest advantages to apartment living is not having to take care of any kind of maintenance. If a toilet seriously clogs up or a closet door comes off the track, you can simply call your landlord or apartment manager and someone fixes the problem for you. Living in an apartment also means you don’t have to shovel snow, rake leaves, or water the grass. That can save you a ton of time and money!


Most apartment complexes have amenities like pools, fitness centers, clubhouses, playgrounds, or dog parks that are included with rent. Everything you need is in one place, and you don’t have to pay extra money for a gym membership or other things.


Cheaper utilities

Instead paying for heating and cooling for a big house, you only have to pay for utilities in a smaller apartment. You have a bit more control over how much you pay.




You are not tied down by a 30-year mortgage, which gives you the freedom and flexibility to move if you want to. You can look for jobs in other places, explore living somewhere new, and save money without being stuck in a long-term decision. This is a great option for someone starting their career or moving to a new area. You aren’t locked into one location and can explore until you find the perfect fit.


Social community

Living close to your neighbors means you get to know people better. Apartments tend to have a great community feel with shared outdoor spaces and common areas. Some apartment complexes even host community events and get-togethers. Since you all already live in the same area, you instantly have something in common with every neighbor.


Saving money

A huge benefit of living in an apartment is saving money. In many areas, rent is less expensive than a mortgage payment. That expense can be even lower if it’s split with a roommate. Renters also don’t have other expenses like property taxes, home repairs, and upgrades. Apartment living is a great way to save money for other future expenses, like a new car or the down payment on a house.



Apartment complexes tend to be very safe, especially for people living on their own or with small children. Instead of having to pay for a large security system on your own, you can take advantage of the complex security system already there. Living close to neighbors also means you look out for each other if something seems out of the ordinary.



Many apartment complexes are in great locations, especially in downtown areas or close to restaurants and attractions. To purchase a home in a similar location would usually be incredibly expensive. Apartments are available in just about every location, no matter if you want something downtown or in the suburbs. It can be fairly easy to find the right apartment to meet your needs.


Perfect size

You may not need a big house and all of the upkeep that comes with it. An apartment is the right size for someone like you. Even better, it’s possible to find an apartment in just about every size, so you can always find something to meet your needs. Someone just starting out after college or moving to a new city might not need a large apartment. A person living with kids might need a slightly bigger apartment. You can find the perfect size apartment for your lifestyle.


Easier finances

Renting an apartment doesn’t require a large down payment or confusing financing. Instead, all it takes is a security deposit and a few months rent to secure an apartment. Many apartment complexes and landlords offer automatic payments, which means you don’t even have to remember to pay rent every month. The cost can simply be automatically taken from your account.


There are a lot of reasons to love apartment living. Between the freedom, community, and amenities, you can find a great apartment for every stage of life.

reasons you will love apartment living
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