Refreshing Your Apartment for Fall and Winter

November 5, 2019

refresh northern colorado apartment for fall and winterWe are fully in the throes of autumn, and that means it's officially time to get your Northern Colorado apartment rental ready for fall (if you haven't already) and winter. Refreshing your apartment for fall and winter is about more than just changing out your spring and summer décor. Yes, displaying your seasonal harvest and holiday decorations is fun. However, to fully prep for the end of the year here in Colorado, renters recognize the importance of organizing and cleaning as they embrace the new seasonable vibe.


Ready to get started? Follow these simple tips to help you refresh your living spaces and head into the last few months of the year feeling reinvigorated and energized.


Get Organized


Sometimes, staying organized in a smaller apartment is challenging, especially during the cooler seasonal months when we spend more time inside than outside. Now is the perfect time to get (and stay) organized. Start by taking inventory on some of the messiest spots throughout your home. For example, do you struggle with a chronically cluttered desk? Organize everything into piles, shred and recycle unnecessary paperwork, and utilize various office accessories to keep all of your pens, pencils, and documents neatly arranged. Repeat the process throughout all of the major surfaces in your apartment, including kitchen counters, bathroom vanities, and your dining room table (which, let's be honest, is somehow always covered with items that generally don't belong in the dining room).


Once you've gotten the major surfaces cleared, move on to other areas of the apartment. Get creative with your storage solutions, using items that can both store items and serve a second purpose. For example, use trunks as tables in your space to store items you don't often use or purchase ottomans with a hidden storage panel inside for easy access to belongings you don't want to display but still want to be able to get at quickly.



Switch Out Blankets, Comforters, and Bed Linens


Everyone loves hunkering down on a cool, crisp day on the couch with a warm, snuggly, clean blanket. Fall offers a great opportunity to put away those thinner throws we love in the spring and summer for something with a little more substance to it. Take out your fall and winter blankets, making sure you wash them before you start to spread them around your apartment. Next, head to the bedroom, where your comforters and bedspreads have been collecting allergens, dust particles, and pet hair all summer. Now is the perfect time to refresh the space by stripping and washing all linens. You can also further update the room by putting your flannel sheets on the bed as well.  


Don't Forget the Patio (or Porch)


Some Northern Colorado apartments offer tenants a patio, porch, or deck. While the temperatures definitely drop in the fall and winter, there's nothing that says you won't use these outdoor living spaces year-round. There are several ways to freshen up your patio to make it an enjoyable space for you and guests during the colder months. Start by giving the space a thorough sweeping to get the area ready for falling leaves and snow. Next, scrub the surrounding walls. Change any broken or malfunctioning lights and replace old outdoor furniture cushions and pillows.


Get Ready for the Temperature Drops


Eventually, the temperatures drop enough to make us all a little chilly here in Northern Colorado – and you'll want to make sure you're ready for it. Start by testing out your heat to ensure it's fully functional. You may also want to take a quick walk around any windows and exterior doors to check for drafts. If you find unwanted cold air coming in, you may want to alert your landlord. Finally, you may want to consider investing in a humidifier to help make the dry cold air that typically accompanies winter more comfortable. Beyond adding moisture to the air, a humidifier can also help relieve any allergy symptoms as well as prevent dry, itchy skin in the winter.


What is your favorite way to refresh your living spaces throughout the fall and winter? 


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