What Should You Look for When You Rent a Fort Collins Townhome?

September 10, 2018

things to look for when you rent a fort collins townhomeFort Collins is a booming town with a great mixture of culture and outdoor recreation. When you rent a Fort Collins townhome, it’s the perfect way to experience everything Fort Collins has can offer you while still having your own space.


There are many advantages to renting a townhome instead of an apartment or house. Typically, townhomes are multiple stories, which means they can often have more space than an apartment. Dividing the home over multiple levels means the bedrooms are usually upstairs, which can offer some privacy and separation from roommates or when you are entertaining guests. Townhomes are more likely to have private outdoor space such as a porch or patio and offer many of the benefits of a rental home but are usually less expensive. In many cases, townhomes come with detached garages, which can be great for extra storage or for keeping your car out of the cold and snow during winter in Fort Collins.


There are a wide variety of Fort Collins townhomes to rent. Here are several important tips to look for to find the perfect unit for you:



Your budget will determine what townhome you can afford. Before you begin your search, decide how much you can pay in rent. Don’t forget to include utility costs. Stick to your budget as much as you can and try not to look at places you can’t afford—you don’t want to fall in love with something that would break the bank.



Most townhomes have at least some degree of privacy. Consider if there is a fence around any private outdoor space, if you can hear the neighbors through the shared walls, or if there are blinds or curtains on the windows. Privacy can have a big impact in how comfortable and safe you feel in the townhome.



Perhaps the most important decision in your hunt for a townhome is its location. Before you begin your search, consider the type of neighborhood you want to live in. Do you prefer a lively, urban feel, or do you want a quieter residential neighborhood? Do you want to be surrounded by families, students, or young professionals? How close do you want to be to trails and green space? Fort Collins is a great city because it has a wide variety of neighborhoods with something for everyone. Deciding what is important to you can help direct your search to the right part of town.



Many townhomes, especially newer construction, come with lots of amenities. This can include anything from a playground or dog park to lawn care and snow removal. Check to see what amenities are available in each complex and unit and look for places with amenities that you will actually use. You pay for amenities even if you don’t use them, so to rent a Fort Collins townhome with a fitness center likely isn’t worth the cost if you don’t exercise.


Renting in Fort Collins is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. Follow these guidelines for the most important things to look for in your townhome search.


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