Most people have been there: looking around their apartments and realizing they have a lot of stuff. That may be how you have been feeling.


You might start to feel cramped with so many items and get the urge to upsize your Northern Colorado apartment. There are lots of ways to expand your space and improve your living situation.


If you find yourself asking, “Should I rent storage or get a bigger apartment?”, here are a few things to consider.


renting storage vs getting larger apartment


In the 1950s, the average home size was less than 1,000 square feet, which has increased to 2,600 square feet in most homes today.


However, it is common to ask one crucial question: should you rent storage or get a bigger apartment? While there’s no denying that a storage unit is quite helpful, there are many downsides to paying a monthly fee for a space to store things you don’t use.


With almost 10% of households in the United States renting a storage unit, it seems like a lot of hassle and unnecessary costs. 


If you are planning to move to a new apartment but realize you have more stuff than will fit into your new home, you can consider several storage options without getting rid of your belongings.


Most people often wonder when a storage unit is worth the extra cost or if a larger apartment is more suitable in the long run.


It is advisable to consult a property management company to determine the ideal solution that helps save money and guarantees secure storage for your items. 


Advantages of Using a Storage Unit


There are scenarios where it makes more sense to store extra stuff, like when you are temporarily moving for your job in an area where apartment prices are at a premium.


If this is the case, renting a storage unit makes more sense, allowing you to rent a cheaper, smaller apartment. You also enjoy peace of mind knowing that your non-essential belongings are in a secure storage unit waiting for you.


However, if the storage cost is high, then you can save money by moving into a bigger apartment that can accommodate all your belongings. 

If you are in a hurry to move, you may be forced to choose a smaller apartment that doesn’t meet your desired specifications.


Renting a storage unit makes more sense to avoid removing valuable items while trying to create space. You can go through the items in your storage unit to decide what you want to keep and what you can live without. 

Another typical instance when renting a storage unit is the ideal solution to manage your belongings is when you are conducting a decluttering project.


If you are not ready to get rid of what you are moving into your apartment, a storage unit can be an excellent place to store excess items.


You may require these items in the future, and having them tucked away in a secure storage unit can help. 


Beware of Storage


There are many reasons why you should ditch a storage unit and go for a bigger apartment. If the items you are storing are things you want to keep or need, moving into a bigger apartment might be the way to go.


Most items that end up in storage stay for years until they are no longer used. Rather than incur the extra monthly cost of renting a storage unit, it is advisable to look for more space when renting.


The last thing you want is to add to your monthly expenses with storage payments rather than saving money through decluttering and renting a bigger apartment.

Most people don’t think about the additional monthly bills because of the false sense of organization storage gives you.


It might not seem like much going in, but it later grows into a significant financial responsibility depending on how long the items remain in storage.


Some storage companies will automatically become the owners of your stuff if you miss several payments, which is not ideal, especially in the current state of the economy.


While your apartment seems tidy and spacious, you still have items in storage you need to deal with to avoid turning them into a disposal unit of old stuff.


Most homeowners tend to keep storage units because it gives them an excuse to buy new items. Over time, your apartment will become congested, and the storage unit will no longer be an option.


The best solution is to move into a bigger apartment, saving money that would be used to acquire another storage space.


If you are wondering, whether or not you should rent a storage or get a bigger apartment, it is crucial to analyze your belongings to determine if you have clutter to get rid of or stuff you might need in future.


Before you plan to store items in storage, ask yourself if you need to pay rent on these items. When determining the type of storage unit you need, consider these options.


Full-Service Storage


A full-service storage company saves you from the hassle of delivering belongings to the storage unit. This storage company offers clients “valet-style” services, from picking up your belongings and hauling them to the storage unit.


Most of these storage service providers recommend that clients request and schedule pickup or return using various smart devices like phones and tablets.


They also document your belongings by taking photos and creating an online inventory list, helping you remember what is in storage.  




Self-storage is the most popular storage option, guaranteeing safe and secure storage that doesn’t compromise your other financial responsibilities.


You can store anything in a self-storage facility, from a large boat to smaller belongings from your home. Customers deliver their belongings to the storage unit and have the liberty of picking an item out of storage.


Since most of the responsibility lies on the property owner, it is up to them to document what they put in storage. These are some reasons why self-storage is less expensive than full-service storage, making it ideal for those on a strict budget. 

It depends on your finances if you are wondering what storage solution is ideally suited for your needs. It is usually recommended for those who don’t have the time to transport their items to a storage unit.


A full-service company will go the extra mile to pick up your belongings and haul them to a storage unit, making it more expensive.


However, a self-storage unit is the best option if you have access to a car and aren’t planning to store bulky items. 


People who live in urban areas where parking and driving are an issue opt for full-service storage.


The reason for this is that most of these people live in high-rise buildings, and the services provided by a full-service storage company make it more convenient. 


Reasons for Renting a Bigger Apartment


Whether you are looking to move from a smaller apartment to a larger one or downsize from a house to an apartment, there are many advantages of moving to a spacious apartment.


When renting an apartment, it is advisable to ensure sufficient space for your belongings without compromising your indoor comfort.


Here are some reasons why you should go for an apartment with a broader living space and more rooms. 


Access to a Balcony


Since apartments don’t have front porches, a balcony is the next great thing. A bigger apartment usually has a balcony attached, giving residents an outdoor spot to enjoy fresh air from the comfort of their homes.


Often, balconies are added with chairs and a table to provide a suitable place where they can sit and enjoy nice weather.


Residents with a green thumb also find balconies ideal for growing plants, improving the aesthetics of their homes. 


More Storage Space


A bigger apartment provides more storage space for your belongings, saving money that would be used to rent storage.


If you currently reside in a small apartment that feels crowded, you are better off moving into a bigger apartment than renting a storage unit. Most large apartments have more closet space and places that provide secure storage for your items.


When renting an apartment, check for storage spaces such as pantries, hall closets, coat closets, bedroom closets, bathroom cabinets, and laundry room shelves, among others.


Acquire a Room for an Office


With many people across the United States forced to work from home, moving into a bigger apartment gives you space to set up an office.


Working from home requires one to have a desk, appropriate sitting, lighting, a computer, and other decorative items.


Sufficient apartment space provides ample room for a home office, which goes a long way in ensuring you have a productive working environment.


The last thing you want is to work in a crowded room that lacks proper air circulation and is always stuffy.


Enjoy Privacy


If you live with friends or family, getting the privacy you need in a smaller apartment can be challenging.


However, when you are in a larger apartment with more bedrooms, every person in that household can have a room of their own. You may also have extra room for a workout room, private office, or T.V area.


All these rooms provide areas where you can spend time by yourself to unwind without others intruding on your privacy. 


Undoubtedly, a bigger apartment provides a more comfortable living situation and space for your belongings.


A property management company can help you decide whether to rent storage or move into a bigger apartment without breaking the bank. 

renting storage vs getting larger apartment
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