Most people have been there: looking around their apartments and realizing they have a lot of stuff. That may be how you have been feeling. You might start to feel cramped with so many items and get the urge to upsize your Northern Colorado apartment. There are lots of ways to expand your space and improve your living situation. If you find yourself asking, “Should I rent storage or get a bigger apartment?”, here are a few things to consider.

renting storage vs getting larger apartment


For most people, the biggest deciding factor in deciding between a storage unit and a bigger apartment is the cost. The cost of a storage unit depends on its size and amenities. Basic storage units will be the least expensive, but they are often very small and don’t have additional features like added security or temperature control. If you want or need a larger space and features like keypad entry, it will cost you more per month. Consider what fits into your budget and lifestyle.


The same is true about renting a larger apartment. Typically, the bigger the apartment, the more it costs to rent, especially if you add an extra bedroom for your storage needs. The benefit of paying for a larger apartment is that you get to live there and enjoy the added space instead of paying for a storage unit where you don’t live. A larger apartment may also come with more amenities, such as a fitness center or pool.



Another thing to consider is how often you’ll want to access your items. If the things you’ll put in storage are seasonal, such as camping gear for the summer or Christmas decorations that only come out once a year, you likely won’t be visiting the storage unit that often. But if the items you would put in storage are things you access fairly regularly, you might want to reconsider and just get a bigger apartment. That way, you can store the items and access them whenever you want without having to drive to the storage unit and find just what you’re looking for.



No matter if you’re getting a storage unit or moving to a new apartment, you’ll likely have to pack up some items and move them, which is never really convenient. Consider if you really want to have to move to a bigger apartment and all of the tasks that come with it, including finding a bigger place, packing, cleaning, and moving. Getting a storage unit also involves many of the same tasks, but on a smaller scale.


Before making the decision, you’ll want to think about your timeframe. If you only need to store items for a short period of time, a storage unit is likely the better decision because it is less permanent and many places allow you to sign a month-to-month contract. A storage unit can also be a good option if you don’t know your plans for the near future. Getting a storage unit is much less permanent than moving to a larger apartment. However, if you know you’ll be in the area for a long time with all your belongings, it can be more convenient to just move to a place large enough to store all of your items.


Alternative Options

If you feel crowded in your current apartment, there are other options to upsize your apartment. You can clean out your current belongings and sell or donate items you no longer use or need. Getting rid of items can give you extra space and make your current apartment seem bigger. Another option is to re-assess your storage solutions. A number of companies specialize in storage solutions for small spaces that make the most of areas like under the bed or behind closet doors.


Choosing between getting a bigger apartment or renting a storage unit is a big decision. Consider the pros and cons of storage units and your lifestyle before jumping into a choice.

renting storage vs getting larger apartment
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