tenant with disability in her apartmentTenants with special needs and disabilities who are looking for a Northern Colorado Rental home may have a difficult time finding appropriate accommodations. The challenges often extend beyond a potentially lower (or even limited inventory) for homes equipped for tenants with physical challenges. Many prospective renters also find that even if a home is accessible for them, the surrounding area may not be. Fortunately, it is possible to find a well-appointed rental home that meets all of your needs. Here are several essential house-hunting tips to keep in mind to streamline the process and expedite search success.


Start With Neighborhood

Not to sound cliché, but the search for any rental property should always begin with location. Before you start looking at the homes themselves, you should do a thorough evaluation of the region that you think you’d like to live in to ensure it offers everything you need for comfort, convenience, and accessibility. Does the neighborhood you’re looking in offer accessible facilities, services, and transport? Will you be able to easily find shops, eateries, and public events with handicapped parking? Can you quickly get to appropriately accessible businesses on the bus or train routes? If it’s not easy to find this information for yourself, contact a local disability organization for insight on your preferred neighborhoods.


When you do contact a local disability organization, you should also ask about any funds or grants available to renters with disabilities. Many local and government-backed entities offer resources to tenants, so they can lease a property that’s well suited for their specific physical needs.


Find the Right Property Management Company


Once you know the neighborhood you’d like to focus on, it’s important to find a reputable property management company to help you with your search. The right property management company will not only have an extensive inventory of available rental homes, but they will also want to work closely with you to understand your specific needs as well. Having a few preliminary conversations with a property manager can help them zero in on the right rental as quickly as possible. Additionally, talking with a professional property manager before you begin the search can ensure that you feel completely comfortable with the team you will be working with; it’s essential to know that once you’ve signed a lease, you’re working with a property management team that will uphold their responsibilities in the event that something breaks down or isn’t functioning properly.


Wide Passageways


For renters who use a wheelchair, doorways and hallways in a home are crucial to consider before moving forward with a lease. Talk with your chosen property manager to find homes that have wider passageways, so you know you’ll be able to move from room to room comfortably.


Ask About a Portable Ramp


Of course, gaining entry to the home is also vital if you use a wheelchair. If you’ve found a house that has an accessible interior but doesn’t have an exterior ramp, you may want to consult with the property manager to see if it’s possible to have a portable ramp put in before your arrival.


Other Core Features


Beyond passageways, you should also look for a rental home that offers several other core features to ensure complete utility. Some essential components to look at may include:


Stairs: Many renters with a disability prefer one-story homes to make movement as easy as possible. Narrowing your search to properties with step-free entryways and a single floor layout may quickly eliminate nonviable homes.


Square Footage: Renters who require wheelchairs or other devices for mobility will typically want to consider homes that are larger in size to make movement easier.


Door Handles: Renters who have motor skill issues may find standard doorknobs too difficult to manage. A property with special door handles can make it easier to maintain a grip when moving from room to room.


Light Switches: Lower light switches may prove more convenient for tenants with a disability.


Consider Your Furniture


As you’re house hunting, you’ll also want to think about the furniture you’ll want to bring with you into your rental property. Look for a home that can easily accommodate your current items, and still provide enough room to move through the space comfortably.


For more information on renting rental homes in North Colorado that are equipped for tenants with disabilities, contact All Property Services today.

tenant with disability in her apartment
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