Simple Ideas for the Spare Bedroom in Your Rental House

April 10, 2019

creative uses for a spare bedroom in a rental homeYou finally found the perfect home after searching for houses for rent in Loveland and now you have a spare bedroom that you don’t know what to do with. If you’ve never had a spare bedroom, you may find yourself coming up short on ideas of how to put it to use. Or you’ve had a spare bedroom before, but you want to avoid it becoming the junk room like it was in your last house. Whether the room is big or small, there are so many creative ways to use that extra room before it becomes a storage room for stuff you never use.


Here are some creative ideas for using the spare bedroom in your rental home:



A Welcoming Guest Bedroom

As simple as it may seem, a spare bedroom makes for the perfect room for friends or family to stay at your house. If you have relatives that live out of town, the availability of a guest bedroom that is welcoming and inviting provides the perfect excuse for a visit. Often times, people are limited in taking a trip to visit someone because of the cost of travel in addition to the cost of a hotel, but if you have a bedroom ready and waiting for them, you may be able to enjoy the company of those you love more often. A comfortable bed with cozy bedding and calming décor provides a great space for any visitors to feel welcome in your home.


A Productive Home Office

Whether you work from home or not, a home office can be the perfect use for a spare bedroom. If you work from home, it gives you the opportunity to create a space where you can focus on work and have all the tools you need in the same area. If you don’t, it simply gives you a designated room where you can find files or important documents, along with other common office supplies. Even the smallest spare room can turn into a great home office by simply adding a good desk, a filing cabinet, and a bookshelf.


Or perhaps you could create a small library instead of an office where you can sit down to read your favorite book instead of getting work done.


A Creative Craft Room

If you like to sew, scrapbook, paint, tinker or simply get crafty with your Christmas gift-wrapping, a craft room is the perfect place to store and organize your supplies. A craft room with a big table or desk will give you the opportunity to bring your Pinterest ideas to life without taking up the entire dining room table. You can find some easy tips for creating an inspiring craft room here. A craft room can also double as a practical space for children to get their homework done without distractions like the TV or their toys, giving you an added use for the room.


A Motivating Home Gym

Many people don’t have enough time in their schedules to make it to the gym, while others feel intimidated by a gym environment, leaving them with limited options for working out. A small home gym can provide the perfect alternative. A good home gym doesn’t need a big space and heavy equipment; it just needs a few key pieces to help you reach your goals.


Whether you want a treadmill, some free weights, or just an open space to lay down a yoga mat, a spare bedroom gives you the perfect opportunity to fit a workout in without leaving the house. Make sure to keep in mind that in a rental home you do have limitations as to what you can do that will just require you to make simple adjustments. For example, you won’t be able to install a full wall of mirrors, but you could put in a large standing mirror that leans against the wall. Or you may need a stand for a punching bag rather than hanging one from the ceiling. Click here for simple tips in building the perfect home gym on any budget.


A Fun Playroom

Families with children often find themselves dealing with toys throughout the house. If you are tired of your living room doubling as a playroom, take that spare bedroom and turn it into a fun area for kids to play and toys to stay. Against one wall you might put a few cube shelving units with canvas bins or baskets to provide toy storage, while another wall provides the perfect spot for a play kitchen. A playroom eases the frustration of a messy home for parents and still provides children with a place to play freely and imaginatively.

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