Benefits of Rental Property Marketing by Property Managers

September 16, 2019

couple searching for rental properties onlineThe overall advantages of hiring Fort Collins property managers are undeniable. From finding tenants to managing lease renewals and everything in between, property management can reduce the stress of renting out a home. One of the biggest benefits of professional property management services is letting them handle the task of advertising and marketing your properties.

Property managers are extremely familiar with the rental market of your area, which allows them to more effectively promote and advertise your property and get it rented out quickly to good tenants. Here are 6 advantages to having property managers market your rental properties:


1. Create Appealing Listings

Property managers are skilled at creating rental ads that will entice potential tenants. It is estimated that nearly 73 percent of renters search for a new rental home online, making it extremely important to create a listing that will stand out from the rest. A professional property manager can create an appealing listing that will include:

  • High-Quality Photos: Property managers understand that they can most effectively capture the appeal of your property by including high-quality pictures or possibly even a video walkthrough that will highlight the best features of the home and showcase the spaces that are most intriguing to renters.
  • Detailed Property Description: A good listing must also provide the specific property details that potential tenants are searching for. Descriptions should include number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, storage, parking availability, upgraded features, yard space, and any community amenities that make the home and neighborhood unique.
  • Lease Information: Experience has shown property managers the importance of upfront disclosure of important information regarding the rental agreement, such as monthly rent, deposit and additional fees, lease duration, pet policies, and if smoking is allowed.


2. Advertise the Listing

A good listing cannot be effective if it is not properly showcased. Your property manager will have the intuition to advertise your listing in the best way. Whether on their own website or on other platforms, property managers are extensively experienced in advertising rental listings and are equipped to successfully advertise your home to fill vacancies quickly


3. Implement Multiple Marketing Strategies

Established and reputable property management companies will have both the knowledge and experience needed to implement various strategies for marketing your rental property. They will know the most effective means for advertising a rental home in the area and use them efficiently. Professional property managers are able to use simple tactics such as word of mouth or far-reaching approaches such as social media in order to market your property to your target audience.


4. Established Reputation for Tenant Trust

Most property management companies have years of experience in managing and renting out properties, creating a positive reputation that will appeal to potential tenants. Just as you search for good people to rent your home, renters are looking for good people to rent a home from. By working with a local property management company, you instantly provide your rental home with a trustworthy and dependable reputation.


5. Community Connection

Another effective strategy for marketing a property is to market to and for the community. The various demographics of renters will likely be searching for homes in targeted areas of the city. Young families may look for homes near good schools or parks, while single adults may prefer a home close to downtown areas or near their jobs. Your property management company likely has an established connection in the city that your property is located in, whether from the service they provide, community involvement, or locally-minded employees. By marketing the property with the community in mind, your property manager can appeal to a wider range of people while also reaching the specific people that will best fit in the community.


6. Proactive Marketing

Another benefit of the experience offered from a property manager is their ability to remain proactive in the marketing of your property. Their understanding of the rental market can greatly influence the plan they have in place to market properties as they near the end of a lease agreement and maintain active interest in your home. The quality of service they offer your tenants can also help to retain tenants and minimize vacancies.


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