5 Security Devices for Renters

May 20, 2019

rental home security devices, fort collins rentalJust because you’re renting doesn’t mean you have to set aside your security or peace of mind. A Fort Collins rental home can be as safe and secure as any home in the area, even if you can’t make any permanent changes to the structure. You likely can’t install involved security systems, but you can take control of your safety. Here are five security gadgets that don’t require changes to your rental home.


Wireless Door and Window Sensors

Door and window sensors can tell when a door or window has been opened or broken and either sounds an alarm or connects back to a security monitoring company. The best part is that wireless sensors can be placed on windows and doors without any screws or drilling. Sensors are best placed on exterior doors and windows, especially those on the ground level. Motion sensors can also be placed in open living areas that sense movement in the area when turned on. Most models can be deactivated when you are home or need to open the windows.


There’s a wide variety of wireless sensors available. The more basic models make a loud noise or send an alert to your phone when the door is opened. More advanced models connect all the sensors in the house and alert a monitoring center when activated so that a security professional can check on the unit. The advanced systems are more expensive, but even basic sensors can be effective.


Doorstop Wedge Alarm

This simple device is affordable, unobtrusive, and extremely effective. Simply put the doorstop under the door before you go to bed or whenever you need an extra layer of security. If anyone tries to open the door, the doorstop senses a change in pressure and sounds a very loud alarm. Renters commonly place these alarms under the front or back door of the home. As an added bonus, you can easily take the doorstop alarm when you travel to use at hotels.


Smart Lightbulbs

One of the easiest ways for burglars to know if someone is home is to see if the lights are on. Some criminals even watch properties to learn the tenant’s routine to determine when the home is empty. Smart lightbulbs can be easily substituted for traditional bulbs but allow the user to control when they are on and off. A smartphone app gives the renter the power to turn the lights on, even if they’re traveling on the other side of the world. Some smart lightbulbs can even be set on timers to turn on at random times to keep would-be burglars on their toes. Click here to learn more about smart lightbulbs.


Blocking Bars

If you are renting a home with a sliding glass door, put a blocking bar in the bottom tracks before going to bed or leaving the house. The bar will ensure that intruders cannot push the door open, even if they manage to break the latch. An inexpensive wooden or metal rod should do the trick.


Lock Box

A safe or lock box is an excellent place to store expensive items or valuable documents in case of a break-in. Safes come in all shapes and sizes and can easily fit in a closet or under the bed. The benefit of a safe is that it protects items from people who already have access to the rental house, such as roommates or friends. It can also easily move with you to a new house. Click here for additional safety tips for renters.


Renters can still feel as safe and secure as homeowners. These devices make it possible to create a secure rental property without making permanent changes to the home.

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