Show Your Love for Greeley with a Valentine’s Heart Bomb

February 11, 2016

First there were dancing flash mobs, then there were “yarn bombs” where public art and statues were mysteriously wrapped in knitted items, and now there’s a new trend for quirky planned spontaneity— “heart bombs.”

The perfect trend for the season, heart bombing is a way to spread love to your favorite people, places, and communities. Simply add multiple heart shapes and valentines all over your chosen target as quietly as possible, and then share the love with everyone else. One of the biggest heart bombing events is happening right here in Northern Colorado as History Colorado plants heart bombs at historical buildings all over Greeley and the state.

heart-candyEveryone is invited to participate by making a valentine for their favorite historical building. On Valentine’s Day, visit the building, post the valentine (without damaging the building… sorry, please refrain from staples or duct tape), and take a selfie. Then share the selfie to your favorite social media site with #heartbomb. The Colorado heart bomb campaign started in 2015, when hundreds of people participated. It’s a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day and show your love for the buildings that make Northern Colorado so special. Plus, you get to visit some gorgeous historical landmarks.

There are lots of historic buildings to choose from in Greeley, but here are some of the top choices to get your ideas flowing:

  • The Meeker Home
  • Centennial Village
  • The Old Greeley Tribune Building (Greeley History Museum)
  • The Weld County Courthouse
  • The Greeley Union Pacific Railroad Depot
  • Old Greeley High School
  • The Masonic Lodge
  • The Old First Congregational Church
  • The Armory
  • The Kress Building
  • The C&S Caboose at the Colorado Model Railroad Museum

Get out there, get creative, and show your love for historic Colorado with a fun heart bomb!

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