There’s No Place Like Home in Northern Colorado

Tired of apartment living? Looking to move to a single-family home but not ready to buy? You’re in luck and can get the best of both worlds by renting a single-family home.

There are a wide range of single-family homes in Northern Colorado. These rental properties provide the space and privacy of a traditional single-family home without shared walls and noisy neighbors, but with the flexibility and affordability of renting.

With a single-family home, you are much more likely to have things that are rare or impossible in an apartment, like an enclosed garage, extra storage space, and private outdoor space. You also have the pride of renting a dedicated house instead of sharing a roof with dozens of other tenants, but there’s still a landlord on call for maintenance and any issues that may arise.

Single-family homes are a great choice for families because they offer outdoor space and plenty of room for children and their belongings and activities. With the space and privacy of a single-family home, it won’t even feel like you’re renting. But homes aren’t limited to just families with children—they can also be a great rental option for young professionals, couples, or roommates just wanting to live in a house instead of a condo or apartment.

The main rental communities in our area are Fort Collins, LovelandWindsorJohnstown, Greeley, Ault, Severance, Milliken, and Wellington. Each city has its own personality and community feel, as well as a variety of neighborhoods.

Fort Collins and Loveland are larger cities and have more shopping and restaurants, but also more people and traffic. Johnstown and Wellington are slightly more rural and have sweeping fields. But even within each city, there are neighborhoods that offer unique community environments and resources, so you can find a place that perfectly matches your lifestyle.

No matter if you’re looking for an older home with charm and character or a newer home in a lively neighborhood, you can find it all in Northern Colorado. The entire region is known for being one of the best places to live in Colorado and all the mountain west. With stunning views, friendly people, and abounding educational and job opportunities, Northern Colorado is a great place to rent a single-family home.

Renting a home in Colorado tends to be less expensive than buying a home, especially if you aren’t ready to commit to a down payment. However, renting a single-family home can often be more expensive than renting an apartment or condo because of the extra space, garage, yard, and other amenities.

In the upper part of the market, most homes have a two-car garage, while most homes in the lower end of the market only have a single-car garage. One and three-quarter baths (no tub – only a shower in the second bathroom) are common, as well as 1 & 1/2 baths. A private yard is the norm, and often the backyard is fenced. These houses are often well-maintained and while they typically aren’t brand new, they’re not vintage and still have modern convenience and amenities. Northern Colorado is a popular place to rent, which means that pricing and quality can vary widely! 

In most cases, houses come with washer and dryer hookups, but tenants typically have to provide their own washer and dryer. It is usual for homes to have window treatments and carpet, but not furniture. In most cases, kitchen appliances like a fridge, oven, and dishwasher come with the house. Features like air conditioning and central heating are standard in newer homes but can be harder to find in older homes.

Renting a home isn’t as permanent as buying a home, but it does require a commitment. During the summer, which is the prime rental season for property management companies and rentals in general, most landlords require a one-year lease. During the rest of the year, leases are generally for one year or timed to end in the summer. Locating a house for rent that will allow pets, particularly dogs, is difficult. If pets are allowed, you may have to pay an extra monthly fee.

All Property Services can help connect you with a single-family home for rent. We cover a wide variety of homes across Northern Colorado and work to find something for everyone. Take a look through our listings to see what’s available and what matches your preferences for price, style, and location.

Our listings make it quick and easy to see the basic specifications for each house, including the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, garage size, and monthly rent. Each listing also includes a detailed description of the space and multiple pictures so you have an idea of the quality and features before you even book a showing. Contact us with any questions or to set up an appointment to see your dream rental home.

Many people don’t picture living in a single-family home until they have the finances and stability to buy their own home. But you don’t have to wait! With the help of All Property Services, you can rent a great single-family home to meet your needs. There really is no place like home in Northern Colorado.