small bedroom storage ideasYou’ve searched all over town and found the perfect Fort Collins apartment. The only problem? There’s not much storage in the bedroom. That’s not a reason to walk away from a great apartment! With several creative solutions, you can have all the bedroom storage you need. Here are a few ideas to get started.


First, have an open mind when looking for an apartment. Apartments tend to be smaller than condos or houses, so you’ll likely have less storage to begin with.  Just because your apartment might not come with a lot of bedroom storage doesn’t mean you can’t add it later.


Furniture With Storage

Start with your furniture. Try to find pieces that include as much storage as possible. A bed with built-in drawers or cubbies underneath can be a great way to add a huge amount of storage space without taking up any more room. Take it even higher with a loft bed, which takes the bed completely off the floor with space for a desk or seating area underneath. A Murphy bed that folds into the wall can also be a good option to free up some space.


A dresser or armoire can also add a lot of storage, especially if closet space is tight. Even a chair, couch, or bench can open up for more storage. Don’t bring in any furniture that doesn’t double as some kind of storage device. If possible, everything in your room should be stylish and functional.

Cube Storage

Cube storage and large shelving units can transform a plain wall into a customized storage solution. These items give the look of built-in bedroom storage with the flexibility to match a rented apartment. The beauty of cube storage is that is can hold a wide variety of items. Empty cubes can hold books or other decorative items. You can also put items in storage bins to set in some of the cubes to keep like items together without them being on display.



Don’t forget the walls! Shelves can store a lot of items and get them out of the way of your other furniture. If you have permission from your landlord or property management company, hang shelves for your books, craft supplies, mementos, or even hats or jewelry. You can also hang shoe racks on the walls to hold shoes, build cubbies or shadow boxes to showcase and store favorite items, or use medicine cabinet-like mirrors that open for additional storage.


Get Creative With What You Have

Then, get creative with what you already have. Find ways to sneak in extra storage space. Add risers to the bed for more space for under-bed storage. Slide a shallow storage bin under a couch or armchair. If you have something large that needs to be stored, try putting a tablecloth on top to disguise it as a nightstand or end table. The backs of doors can be good places to hang additional storage items, such as over-the-door shoe holders. These items can hold more than just shoes and are also great for holding cleaning supplies, smaller clothing items, or socks, and accessories.


Maximize Your Bedroom Closet

Creative bedroom storage can also extend to the closet. Keeping everything organized will help the space seem bigger and more functional. Organize your items by color or style to ensure you know where everything is. To maximize a small closet, think vertically. On the floor of the closet can be a shoe rack or large storage bins. Hang the clothing you wear most often on the clothes bar. On top of that, store seasonal items or things you don’t access as often. If there’s room, you can even add additional shelving to store more items.


Ask About Additional Apartment Storage

Ask your landlord if there is any additional storage available. Some apartment complexes offer storage units or lockers for tenants. Rotate your clothing and bedroom items seasonally and store things for the off-season in a separate storage unit. This method requires a lot of extra work, so only use this as a last resort.


A lack of bedroom storage doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker for a great apartment. Get creative, think outside the box, and find great bedroom storage for all your belongings.

small bedroom storage ideas
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