Ideas to Help You Freshen Up Your Rental Décor for Spring

March 29, 2019

bring spring into rental home decorThe months of March and April bring with them the beginning of warmer weather, leaves on trees, budding flowers, and opportunities for fresh décor in your home. If the changes happening outdoors in Northern Colorado are inspiring you to bring spring décor into your condo rental in Loveland, here are a few tips to help your home blossom in this new season.


Bring the Outdoors in With Fresh Cut Flowers and Pretty Plants

Nothing says spring more than bright flowers and sprouting plants. Soon, if you haven’t already, you will notice tulips blooming, dormant plants coming alive, and grass turning from yellow to green. Whether your yard has begun to blossom or not, it's never to early to bring spring into your home with a fresh bouquet of flowers or a green leafy plant.


Tulips are one of the first flowers to bud in early spring and you will likely begin to see them in the floral department of your favorite grocery store or your local nursery. Tulips in a clear vase provide the perfect touch of springtime and the ability to add that fresh color to any area of your home.


If you are more attracted to the greenery that spring brings, consider buying a new houseplant in a cheerful pot or some pretty succulents to brighten your home. Click here for 50 easy spring decorating ideas including plenty of ideas on different ways to add a spring flair with fresh flowers.


Take Advantage of Artificial Plants

Many people have a hard time with fresh flowers or plants because of allergies or they simply have a hard time keeping plants alive. If you want to see your home bud like the outdoors, but don’t want to worry about watering, take a trip to a nearby home décor store for some artificial flowers and plants. Stores like Home Goods and Target are always full of beautiful artificial plants and creative floral décor accents that could give your home a touch of springtime all throughout the year.


Freshen Up Your House With New Scents

These spring months also bring about a common need for spring cleaning and dusting off the winter blues. To complement a freshly cleaned house, think about trying fresh new scents in candles or air fresheners. Replace your holiday plug-in with a floral or fruity choice or pick up a new candle with a eucalyptus smell.


Lighten Your Décor By Adding a Little Color

During the holidays, homes come alive with Christmas decorations whether you choose the traditional green and red color scheme or prefer a white winter wonderland. But inevitably in January, Christmas decorations come down and the house is left feeling a little emptier and little duller.


Spring gives you the perfect opportunity to brighten up your house with extra color. Bright colors can make a significant difference in bringing the fresh feel of spring into any room. Pops of color in accessory pieces can easily be added without changing the whole décor scheme of the house. A few accent pieces in brighter shades of blue, green, purple or yellow can also go a long way in brightening décor.


You might even consider buying a few spring specific decorations to help you get that spring fever. Stores always have a wide selection of spring décor and Easter decorations that you can invest in and pull out each March. Get ideas from 10 spring color palettes that are sure to inspire your spring décor by clicking here


Swap Out Earth Tones for Something Brighter

If you’ve been on the spring-cleaning track, you’ve likely started a box of things to give away or get rid of. Spring brings with it a natural feeling of new life, which often inspires new décor. To brighten up your home for warmer weather, consider swapping out some aspects of your home décor. Some simple ways to revive earth tone décor could be the following ideas:

  • Trade neutral color throw pillows for ones with a more colorful pattern
  • Buy a bright rug to sit under your coffee table
  • Change dark heavy curtains for something lighter and airier
  • Choose new bedding in nature-inspired colors that will make a room feel more vibrant
  • Add a new art piece with touches with bolder color
  • Use greenery and green accents to bring life to your space

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