Ways To Stay Active In Fort Collins In The Spring

April 20, 2018

Spring in Colorado brings warmer weather, mixed with the occasional spring snowstorm, bringing back popular opportunities for staying active and enjoying the outdoors. Fort Collins and Northern Colorado as a whole provide ample options that allow people to truly enjoy the natural beauty of the spring season while focusing on a healthy and active lifestyle. The unique health-focused culture of the Fort Collins community makes it easy to find ways to shake off the winter blues and get active during the spring months.


Check out these fun, affordable ways to stay active in Fort Collins this spring.


spring activities in northern colorado

Go For A Walk


One of the simplest ways to keep your body healthy and active is to go for a long walk or jog. You can easily do this in the mornings before work or in the evenings after work. Many people even choose to take a walk during their lunch hour to take in a little sun and fresh air and break up the workday. You might choose to stay in your neighborhood or drive to one of the many trails available in the Fort Collins area that provides you with a path and a wonderful view. Popular trails are found in parks or natural open spaces. Strolling through Old Town Fort Collins where you can also enjoy shopping, lunch, or ice cream can also create an enjoyable way to enjoy a walk in the sunshine.


hiking in rocky mountain national park

Running And Hiking


If walking does not provide you with enough of a rigorous physical activity, you might consider hiking or running on one of the popular, scenic trails available. After all, Fort Collins is often considered a gateway to the majestic Rocky Mountains. Fort Collins and surrounding areas offer some of the best hiking and running trails in the state, providing you with plenty of options for spend quality time in the great outdoors. Among the most popular trails are these:


  • Arthur’s Rock Trail in Lory State Park
  • Greyrock Mountain Trail in Gateway Mountain Park
  • Hewlett Gulch Trail or North Folk Trail in Roosevelt National Forest
  • Coyote Ridge Trail in Coyote Ridge Natural Area
  • Horsetooth Rock Trail or Horsetooth Mountain Trail in Horsetooth Mountain Park


Fort Collins is also close to Rocky Mountain National Park in Estes Park or the Cache la Poudre River Canyon, offering you even more options for some incredible hiking.


Fort Collins also offers a number of open spaces or natural areas where you are able to hike or run without traveling too far. The Riverbend Ponds Natural Area, Fossil Creek Reservoir Natural Area, and Devil’s Backbone Open Space all offer beautiful options for a casual spring hike on your own or with friends and family.


The springtime is also a prime time to sign up for 5K races or runs that will be both fun and challenging. Upcoming spring 5K’s in Fort Collins include:

  • Fast and The Furriest 5K on April 28, 2018
  • Twin Silo Sprint 5K also on April 28, 2018


colorado trail bike riding - mountain biking

Ride A Bike


Mountain biking or road biking are also very good ways to remain active in Fort Collins. In conjunction with the many walking and hiking trails, Fort Collins offers some exceptional biking trails. Some of the popular biking trails to try out include:


  • Foothills Trail
  • Poudre River Trail
  • Spring Creek Trail
  • Fossil Creek Trail
  • Blue Sky and Indian Summer Trail


Most of these biking trails, along with many others, provide you with a stunning view and a great way to be active in the blossoming spring season.


Biking for even just 30 minutes a day can help you tone muscles, stay fit, and reduce stress. For those who may not have a bike, you might consider the Fort Collins Bike Share program, which allows people to check out bikes on any day at any time for a low fee. Station locations are found throughout Fort Collins and trips under 1 hour are free.


colorado spring activies

Take Your Kids Outside To Play

There is no better way to stay active in Fort Collins than to take your kids outside on those beautiful spring days. Whether you’re simply playing in your backyard, riding bikes around the neighborhood, or throwing a football. Fort Collins has wonderful parks with interactive playgrounds for kids to run and play.

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