A property management company plays a vital role in managing your real estate property. Like any other investment, putting your money in real estate has several risks, ranging from a rising stained rental affordability to an unexpected slump in the market.


All these are risks that can lose you money, and that’s why you should consider onboarding a property manager to minimize the risk and get a significant return on investment (ROI).


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Why Hire a Property Management Company?


There are many benefits of working with a property management company, from handling maintenance requests to other services that improve quality of life.


If you are considering onboarding a property management company to assist you with real estate property, this is the ideal time to do so. While most people opt to do it independently, it can be a rigorous endeavor that consumes both time and resources.


At All Property Services, Inc., we have been providing quality services since 1986, guaranteeing our client’s extensive industry experience and expertise needed to manage home rentals and other types of real estate.


If you are not convinced about onboarding a property management team, here are some highlights to help you make the right decision.


Specializing in Property Management


Owning a rental property comes with a lot of responsibility since everything relies on you, including increased visibility for potential tenants.


Having a property management company helps you market your home rentals online, yard signs, printed media, and quality photography, guaranteed to reduce vacancies.

Since most people don’t have the time to meet with prospective tenants and show them the property, property management companies schedule and conduct property showings most days of the week.


This gives you confidence in the efforts made by our property manager to show your property to as many lessees as possible.


Most people owning a rental property are not subject to leasing or minimum fees and no mark-up on external vendors.


This means that property management companies deal directly with you and only get paid after your home rentals have been leased.


Local and Reliable Property Management


There’s no betterproperty management company than one that’s started and operated locally. Whether in Loveland, Fort Collins, Windsor, Johnstown, Timnath, Wellington, and Greeley, All Property Services, Inc. is your go-to property management company.


Our in-depth understanding of the Northern Colorado rental market ensures that your home rentals are competitively priced, regardless of your location.


When we say we are all about keeping things local, we mean it. This goes beyond our area of operation and includes the use of local subcontractors. For client safety and guaranteed quality, we ensure that we work with only local subcontractors who are insured.


This is an excellent way of supporting the community, businesses, and vendors.


Property Management Administration


Owning a rental property is a significant investment that requires commitment and dedication if you are looking to get a substantial return on investment (ROI).

Administration of managing a property requires experience, precision, and responsibility, which is everything our property manager brings to the table.


Working with a property manager ensures that all the administrative aspects of leasing home rentals are covered, including maintenance requests, single point of contact for owner and tenant, processing applications, arranging for lease renewals, collecting and distributing monthly rent, and providing monthly and annual statements like 1099’s.


You don’t have to worry about dealing with all these tasks since our property management company has a well-trained professional team to handle these daunting tasks.


Proactive Property Maintenance


A key benefit of working with a property management company is having someone handle maintenance requests promptly, alleviating any concerns by the tenants. If you have rental homes, tending to the maintenance needs of your tenants might not be your forte.


However, a property management company can ensure that maintenance requests are handled properly by scheduling routine service inspections.


Most property management companies work with insured and licensed subcontractors to ensure everything is in tiptop condition, from smoke detectors and sprinklers to HVAC systems and gutter maintenance, among many more.


Even when your tenants are dealing with an emergency at odd hours of the night, there may be professional staff who can handle all issues that affect the quality of your home rentals.


Don’t wait for an emergency that you can handle to seek professional help. Leverage the expertise and experience that a property management team offers, get in touch with a property manager, and enjoy professional property maintenance and management services.


Guaranteed High-Quality Tenants


We know how demanding owning a rental property can be without dealing with the industry’s complexities like comprehensive tenant screening.


If you lack sufficient experience and industry knowledge to conduct proper tenant screening, you risk choosing a lousy tenant, which is not ideal for business.


A property management company can help you with such matters, protecting you from the challenges of dealing with a tenant who’s unwilling to vacate.


A proven and reliable screening process is leveraged that guarantees quality tenant selection who pay rent on time, rent long-term, cause few problems, and minimize damage to your home rentals.


Working with a professional manager saves you a lot of time wasted dealing with lawsuits from bad tenants.


Less Legal Problems


If you are an experienced landlord, you are probably aware of what a single bad tenant can cause, both financially and legally.


A minor issue like delayed maintenance requests can spiral into a lawsuit that ends up costing you thousands of dollars, which beats the point of owning a rental property in Northern Colorado.


A high-quality property management company has extensive industry experience and expertise to protect you from potential lawsuits and other vulnerabilities.


Northern Colorado has specific laws that can make owning a rental property a nightmare, not to mention federal laws covering a wide area from tenant screening to collecting and handling rent.


A property management company can protect you from potential lawsuits, saving you money, time, and energy. Hire an expert property manager and enjoy your investment without the constant worry of dealing with a case.


Shorter Periods of Vacancy


Shortening vacancy periods is one way to guarantee a significant return on investment (ROI) on your home rentals. A property management company can help you handle vital tasks that prevent such situations from happening.


They can assist you with these tasks, including property preparation for rent and determining optimal rent rates using our vast real estate expertise.


Owning a rental property in Northern Colorado requires constant research on what’s happening in the real estate industry to ensure your tenants get the best deal without compromising quality.


You don’t have to spend hours trying to find out how you can improve your tenants’ experience; a property manager can handle everything from maintenance requests to determining the ideal rent rate.


Property management companies have incorporated professional rental tools, which will always ensure that your home rentals are offering the best rates without affecting the bottom line of owning a rental property: generating profits.


Long-Term Tenants


Another reason why you should consider the services of a reputable property management company is the ability to retain long-term tenants.


One of the main problems of tenants moving in and out of your home rentals is the constant loss of rent, lock changes, cleaning the property, repainting walls, and other minor repairs.


All these end up draining money from your pocket, which should not be the case.

A property management company can draft a time-tested tenant retention policy using a systematic and consistent approach.


You can assume that a happy tenant in Northern Colorado is likely to extend their tenure compared to an unhappy tenant. That’s why a property manager ensures that your tenants get the best service the industry has to offer.


Why All Property Service, Inc.


The whole purpose of a property management company is to ease the stress of owning a rental property, so you don’t have to deal with late-night emergencies, damages, chasing down rent, paperwork, and other rigorous time-consuming tasks.


That’s why All Property Services, Inc. guarantees more freedom, allowing you to pursue other activities. Our professional and experienced team provides top-notch property management services, so you don’t have to micromanage your property.


Whether you have finally decided to build your home rentals or are considering purchasing a property, we can take the hassle out of owning a rental property.


Contact us today and schedule an appointment with a professional and experienced property manager in Northern Colorado.

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