Why Do I Have To Go Through Tenant Screening Before I Rent?

April 30, 2018

When looking to rent an apartment or single family home, you will be subjected to a tenancy screening by the landlord. Tenant screening is done to ensure that applicants meet all the criteria for a responsible tenant. Although tenant screening may seem excessive or intrusive at times, you must understand landlords do this in order to protect their own personal investment and property. Thorough tenant screening helps to reduce the possibility of troublesome tenants and damage to their houses. Overall, tenant screenings are performed to find reliable and trustworthy tenants.


Ensure Financial Stability


tenant screening

Property management companies and property owners alike look fortenants with a stable financial situation, reassuring them that they will receive the rent on time. As such, tenant screening will look into your financial position including employment, income, and credit history. If you can demonstrate good financial stability, you will not encounter difficulty being approved. However, if your employment history is shaky or you have gone through a bankruptcy, you may be required to provide some additional elements to get approval.


Avoid Dangerous Tenants


Landlords prefer not to entrust their property to someone who has been convicted of a violent or serious crime or has shown criminal tendencies as a tenant. In order to avoid the risk of endangering themselves, other tenants or neighbors, the community, and their house, property owners will thoroughly check your criminal record during tenant screening. While some property owners may be willing to handle applicants with criminal records on a case by case basis, the majority will likely not approve an application of a person with a criminal conviction.


Keep Drugs and Alcohol Off The Property


Property owners will not entrust their property to people with known alcohol or drug problems. By renting to tenants with a history of drug abuse or distribution, landlords run the risk of trouble. Tenants with a drug problem may keep or even sell drugs on the property, which can open a door for legal troubles, police searches, or problems with other drug users. Tenants with alcohol problems can be a nuisance to neighbors and may not care for the property properly.

Investigate Rental History


taking care of your rental for good rental historyLandlords seek reliable, responsible tenants who will maintain the house, yard, and property. They want tenants with whom they will personally be able to maintain an amiable and respectable relationship and with whom neighbors will be able to maintain a good relationship as well. As such, a tenant screening will look into the renting history of an applicant, seeking references from previous landlords or property management companies. Applicants with a stable tenant history, free of problems or negative actions, are more likely to receive approval of their application. Applicants with a history of conflicts with previous landlords, including any serious violent incidents, damages to the property, or failure to pay rent on time, are less likely to be approved. Negative information will not automatically disqualify you, depending on the seriousness and consistency of the problem in question.


Prevent Discrimination Issues

Federal laws prevent landlords from discriminating against tenants on any discriminatory basis such as gender, religion, nationality, marital status, age, sexual preference, or disability. Thorough screening provides property owners with proof of an unbiased decision, helping to prevent lawsuit or litigation on the basis of prejudice. This aspect of the tenant screening process protects the owner and the applicant, ensuring fair consideration.


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