7 Things Landlords and Property Managers Wished Tenants Knew

July 23, 2019

tips for tenants, fort collins property managersAs a renter, there are many things you can do to maintain a positive relationship between you and your property managers in Fort Collins. You’ve likely heard stories of difficult and stressful experiences or perhaps you have experienced this yourself in the past, but it does not have to be the case for your next or current rental.


Problems will arise, but with mutual understanding and communication, you can create a positive rapport with your property manager that will extend throughout your lease and help you to be a great tenant that landlords will love. Here are 7 things property managers and landlords wish renters knew to help maintain a positive and peaceful experience:


1. Be Understanding

Property managers have a difficult job. They are responsible for taking care of the needs of tenants as well as the homeowner while serving as a middle ground between the two. These companies are not here to make your life as a tenant difficult, but they do have the obligation of enforcing rules in negative situations or managing situations as they come up. It is their responsibility to resolve many of the problems that occur, but they cannot always provide a solution in the timeframe that you expect, as they have to coordinate and communicate with the home’s owner, other service companies, and you as the tenant. And they must do this for more homes than just your own. Treating your property managers or landlords with respect as they serve you will play a huge role in maintaining a positive relationship.


2. Communicate Quickly and Politely

One of the biggest factors that prevents a positive relationship between renters and property managers is a lack of communication. Good communication goes both ways, so just as they must keep you informed and up-to-date on relevant information for your home, you must also make a commitment to communicate with them. If there is a problem, tell your landlord right away before the problem can become worse. Whether there is a repair issue, a roommate suddenly left without warning, or perhaps there is an emergency that will force you to pay your rent late, communicating with them as soon as possible can help to prevent a bigger problem and make it easier for them to deliver a solution. As a tenant, it's also important to remember to be polite when you talk to your property manager. Problems are stressful and annoying, but remember that maintenance needs inevitably come up and they are not necessarily anyone's fault.


3. Pay Your Rent and Utilities On Time

This may seem like an unnecessary thing to bring up to tenants, but if you pay your rent on time, your property manager won’t have to contact you to collect it. The rent you pay isn’t just money pocketed by the property manager or owner. They need your rent to possibly pay the mortgage on the house and pay for other bills and maintenance. Your rent payment may also be a crucial source of income for the owner of your house. Paying on time will help to save you both from uncomfortable conversations. Experienced property managers understand that sometimes things happen, perhaps you lost your job or you had a major unexpected expense, so contact them as soon as possible so that you can work through it together without an even bigger issue.


4. Follow the Terms of Your Lease

Another simple way to help avoid a negative encounter is by simply following the terms of your rental agreement. These are not suggestions that you can choose to follow or ignore, these are rules and requirements designed to protect the home while also protecting the homeowner and you as the tenant. When you sign your rental agreement, you enter a legal contract holding you responsible for the outlined terms of renting the property. Be sure that you both read and understand your lease terms and then follow the rules to avoid unwanted confrontation.


5. Show Respect

Renters should have respect for the property and the community. A rental house is your home, but it’s also someone’s investment. By taking pride in the home and maintaining a respectful attitude, you can do your part in maintaining the condition of the home, which in turn also limits property management teams from uncomfortable situations. Their job is to make sure that the home is cared for, but the weight of that responsibility doesn’t fall on their shoulders alone. Damaging or neglecting the home will force property managers to take action, which could result in a stressful and negative situation. Keep up with the basic upkeep of the home to keep it clean and keep it functioning properly. You can also show respect by asking for permission before you make any changes to the home. Even if it seems small and insignificant, it's always better to just double-check with your landlord first.


6. Be Honest

Whenever there’s a problem, question, or concern, it's best to be truthful and straightforward with the property manager. Telling them the truth will help them to get the problem resolved as quickly and effectively as possible. Accidents happen and sometimes mistakes are made, but the best way to address the situation is to be honest and tell your landlord what really happened.


7. Trust Your Property Managers

The goal of every good property manager is to keep both tenants and landlords happy. They aren’t looking to make life difficult or to cause uncomfortable situations. They want to provide solutions to problems as quickly as possible and make sure that your time in one of their rental homes is positive and memorable.

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