the ideal tenantThe relationship between a tenant and their property manager is important—after all, one of our basic needs is a place to live. Expectations of the tenant-property manager relationship are set in the lease, which means signing the document is an agreement to abide by the regulations. Maintaining a good relationship and striving to be a good tenant can not only improve your living situation and add a positive professional relationship to your life, but it also makes it easier to work with your property manager should issues arise.


While most of these might seem like common sense, here are 5 simple ways or tips in which you can be an outstanding ideal tenant:


  • Paying rent on time. This should be a no-brainer, but the easiest way to be a great tenant is simply to pay your rent on time. If you can’t make your rent for the month, talk to your property manager and be open about your situation, then get them the rent as quickly as you can.
  • Keep it clean. Although most property managers don’t run cleaning checks, that doesn’t mean you should let your apartment turn into a disaster area. When your property manager or maintenance staff stops by the property it’s always nice to have a clean area to work in. Most property managers provide a cleaning checklist for when you move out—it will be much easier to clean it to the right level and help get your deposit back if you clean and tidy as you go. If something in the property breaks or needs to be replaced, be open and honest with your property manager about how the damage occurred. This helps the property manager determine how we can remedy problems, not only for you, but also future tenants.
  • Follow the rules. Most property managers have certain rules, such as how many guests can stay overnight at once or when quiet hours are enforced. We all want a peaceful place to turn in for the evening, so consideration for your neighbors is always appreciated.
  • Keep them informed. Let your property manager know when you plan to vacate your apartment, if you are changing roommates, or if you want to extend your lease. Most property managers have common forms for these requests, and it makes their lives much easier if you volunteer the information in a timely manner instead of having to be hounded for it.
  • Be courteous. What it really comes down to is being courteous to your roommates, neighbors, and property managers. Treat them with kindness and respect and you’ll have a much more pleasant living situation.
the ideal tenant
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