Tips for Redecorating Your Rental on a Budget

February 17, 2018

I remember staring at my room and feeling discouraged. I was tired of the way it looked and would have loved to chuck everything and start from scratch. But of course, my budget wouldn’t allow me to do that. If you are reading this article, you are likely in the same boat...ready to give your home or a room a makeover but you're stuck with a tight budget. While replacing everything you have with new decor and furniture isn’t an option, there are many creative ideas for redecorating your rental on a budget. You may be surprised how much a few simple changes can freshen up your space and make it feel new again.


Start by Planning

Let's keep your budget on the forefront of our minds. The last thing you want to do is get all excited about redecorating only to find you have no money for rent or groceries two weeks from now. Sit down and revisit your budget. Make sure you have set aside enough for all your bills and other needs before you think about money for decorating. Then decide how much you can reasonably spend on new things for your home or supplies that you will need. Set a number and then stick to it. If you avoid the planning, you are very likely to end up in a tight spot.

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Prioritize Which Rooms to Redecorate

When you are discouraged with the look of your home, it’s easy to wish you could just fix everything all at once. However, to stay on track financially, sit down to list what you would like to change and what is priority. It may not be practical to redecorate every room. You might need to start with just one room or with only certain aspects of each room. Do what you can to tackle the priority things on your list first. 


Start with What You Already Have

I know, you probably expected to see this idea in here, but let’s not underestimate its power. You may be surprised what you can do without making big purchases.


  • Look through your things in storage and see if there is any decor or other pieces there that you may have forgotten about. Are there ways you can incorporate those things to change up your space?
  • Try rearranging your furniture and decor. Sometimes just moving things around helps freshen up a room.
  • Maybe you’re finding that it’s not so much the decor that has made you discouraged, but things just need some organizing. Spend an afternoon putting everything in its place (or finding a place for items that tend to clutter up!). Order in a room plays a huge part in the overall comfort and feel.

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Revamp What You Already Own

Maybe you were ready to get rid of a furniture piece or other decorative items. Before you make that decision, consider repurposing them instead. Have a dining room table that has seen lots of wear and tear? Are you tired of that worn bedroom dresser?


  • Repurposing furniture pieces has become easier and easier with the access we have to instructional videos and blogs. It could be as simple as buying some sandpaper, chalk paint, and maybe some new hardware and then following a DIY instructional. Search online for easy projects that give you a detailed 'how-to' for revamping old furniture. 
  • If you are looking to change the color scheme in your living room, there are a number of different decorative items, like picture frames, vases, lamp bases, etc. that can be repainted. 
  • Throw pillows are expensive, so why not repurpose the ones you already have? It can be much cheaper to buy a decorative throw pillow cover rather than buying a brand new pillow. You may also find it cheaper to make your own pillow covers and it's an excuse to try a fun project.

  • Instead of buying a completely new couch or chair, try covering it with a throw or invest in a seat cover instead.


Invest in Multipurpose Items

Especially when decorating on a tight budget (and in a small space!), investing in furniture and decor pieces that can serve multiple purposes is going to be valuable. Incorporating things like furniture with storage and decorative baskets can help add beauty to a room while creating additional spaces for organization.


Invest in Items that are Versatile

If you are going to make purchases for your redecorating project, it’s best to buy items that are versatile. For bigger pieces like your couch or your bedframe, invest in something that can be a good foundational piece for any change in color scheme you may make in the future. It’s much easier to change out decorative pillows, throws, and decor pieces than to come up with the money for a new furniture set.


Add Houseplants

I was amazed at how much a little green brought new life to the rooms in my home. Incorporating houseplants can be an inexpensive way to bring fresh color and interest to a space that has lost its luster. You don’t have to have a green thumb make this a possibility. There are definitely plants out there perfect for those who don’t think they can keep one alive. Check out these ideas for houseplants.


You can also find artificial plants that make your space seem to come alive without needing your continual care.

Decorate with plants

Shop at Discount Stores and Pay Attention to Sales

You don’t have to shop at a high-end interior design store to make your space beautiful. Places like Ross, T.J. Maxx, Home Goods, and Marshals can offer plenty of beautiful decor options that won't break your bank.


Hobby Lobby is great about having consistent sales on various items throughout each week. Check to see what days they have sales on the types of items you want to purchase.


Repurpose Thrift Items

If you don’t mind buying used items, shopping thrift (or keeping an eye on Craigslist deals) may be an affordable solution for some of the things you hope to add to your home. See a piece of furniture you like but hate the color? Remember that a little paint and sandpaper could be a quick and affordable solution rather than buying a brand new item.


Add Just a Few New Pops of Color

When it comes to redecorating your rental, maybe all you need to give your space a new look is to add a few pops of color. This can be as easy as adding a decorative throw or a few pillows. Try changing out the centerpiece on your coffee table or dining room table. Add a picture frame or a piece of art that grabs your eye. 


There are so many ways you can beautifully decorate your rental without hurting your budget. Hopefully this article gives you new inspiration to make your home fresh, warm, and welcoming.


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