Things to Check for When You’re Looking at Rental Homes

April 26, 2019

questions to ask when touring a rental houseIf you’re looking for a new rental house in Fort Collins, there are several things to consider apart from the number of rooms and bathrooms or how big the backyard is. Whether you’re looking for your first rental or you’re now a seasoned renter, it helps to have a checklist of important things to keep in mind while you’re touring different homes. Even if you won’t own the house, it will still be your home for at least the next year or so and you want to be sure that it will be a good fit.


Whenever you are touring a house, do not hesitate to ask questions or address any concerns you may have. Landlords and property management companies will be able to give you answers that will help you to feel at peace with the home before you turn in an application or sign the lease. Although your individual priorities may vary depending on your needs and lifestyle, here is a basic list of things to look for and questions to ask as you search for a good home for you and your family.


For Safety Concerns

  • Check the Doors:
    • Are the locks/deadbolts on external doors secure and in good working condition?
    • Does the door close properly?
    • Is the door itself in good condition?
  • Check the Windows:
    • Are the windows secured with proper locks?
    • Are the screens on the windows in good condition?
  • Check for Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Ask Questions:
    • Has the home ever been broken into?
    • Are there concerns about safety or crime in the neighborhood?

You can find a more extensive safety checklist for rental properties by clicking here.


For the Appliances, Fixtures, and Electrical

  • Turn on the stove and oven to make sure they heat up properly
  • Open the refrigerator, freezer, microwave, and dishwasher checking that they work and there are no foul smells
  • Check that all appliances are clean and appear to be in good working condition
  • Ask about the heating and cooling systems and turn them on if possible
  • Check that light switches and fixtures work properly
  • Check that toilets flush properly
  • Check water pressure and water temperature for faucets and showerheads and watch that they drain properly
  • Ask about the condition of the water heater
  • Is there good Internet and phone reception available?
  • Look for signs of exposed or loose wiring


For Aesthetic Concerns

  • Look for signs of
    • Warped wood
    • Water damage or mold
    • Damaged walls or doors
    • Foul smells
  • Check the paint job throughout the house
    • Make note of poorly applied paint or spots of paint on trim, floors or doors
    • Check for chipped or flaky paint
    • For older homes, ask if the paint is lead-free
  • Look at the condition and cleanliness of the flooring in all rooms of the house
  • Ask questions about what is allowed in terms of decorating both inside and outside of the house


For Functional Needs

  • Are there any repairs needed?
  • Consider how much storage space is available:
    • Check closets, cabinets, storage rooms, or basement
    • Check storage available outside the house or in the garage for items like bicycles, children’s toys, power tools, yard tools, or lawn mower
  • Are the kitchen cupboards in good, sturdy condition?
  • Is there a pantry or enough cabinet space to compensate?
  • Check if there are curtains, blinds or window coverings. If not, ask what you are allowed to install.
  • Take a moment to listen for noise concerns
  • Is there enough parking available for every driver in the house?
  • Ask about trash and recycling schedules
  • Is there a laundry room or laundry hook-ups available?
  • If there is not a mailbox right outside the house, ask where mail or packages are delivered


For the Rental Agreement and Financial Considerations

  • The Rent
    • How much is it and what utilities, if any, are included?
    • When is it due and how should it be paid?
    • How much of a deposit is needed?
    • Are there specific companies that should be used for utilities?
  • If a repair is needed, how should that be addressed with the landlord? What about in the case of an emergency repair?
  • Are pets allowed?
  • Will you be able to renew the lease?


It’s extremely important that you have a good understanding of the terms and conditions of your rental agreement, so be sure to ask questions and request a copy of the agreement. Click here for more detailed information about important questions to ask a landlord before signing a lease.


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