Benefits of Choosing a Townhome for Your Family

December 6, 2018

benefits of renting a townhome for your familyFinding the right home for your family doesn’t always point to a single family home; sometimes a Fort Collins townhome for rent is the perfect option. A townhome gives you more space than an apartment, without the size of a freestanding house. Townhomes provide the privacy you want for your family but save you the work of extended maintenance. If you are looking for a new home for your family or are thinking about a townhome, you may consider a few things that will help make the decision easier.


Structural Differences of a Townhome

Townhomes are structurally different than traditional single-family homes and are also different from an apartment complex. While a traditional house is a freestanding structure, townhouses are typically attached to one or more other houses, each similar in appearance and design. Townhomes, however, offer more space and privacy than what you would find in a typical apartment complex. In a townhome, you may have shared walls with neighbors, but you don’t have neighbors on both sides in addition to neighbors above you and below you.


For families with children, renting a townhome provides a happy medium between a house and an apartment. While you may share a wall, townhomes offer more space than an apartment, which helps to extend the limits for noise from excited children. You won’t have to worry about making too much noise for the neighbor one floor down or likewise worry about noisy neighbors above you.


You Still Have Plenty of Space in a Townhome

Many people have the misconception that a townhome will be too small for their family. However, townhomes, especially those that have been recently built, are designed with plenty of space. Some townhomes offer equal, or even more, square footage than you would find in a single-family home. Because townhomes are available with options in the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and even living space, you can surely find the townhome that will give you space your family needs.



Low Maintenance Living

One of the greatest benefits of a townhome is the luxury of low maintenance living. Unlike a single-family home with a list of tasks needed to maintain the exterior of the house. Chores such as mowing the grass, pulling weeds, gardening, raking leaves in the fall, or shoveling snow can take up valuable time. Most townhomes have exterior maintenance covered through the HOA. Maintenance on the house, yard up-keep and snow removal is often covered as part of the HOA. This frees up a significant amount of time on your days off to enjoy life with family and friends.


Save Money on Heating and Cooling

Because townhomes share walls with other units, many people find that their utility bills, particularly for heating and cooling, are noticeably lower. One or two shared walls can make a difference in maintaining the temperature of your house, saving you money on gas or electricity bills. For many families, saving money wherever possible is an invaluable benefit.


Family Friendly Amenities

A big draw for townhome living is the amenities offered within the community, often like those available in an apartment complex. Families with children of any age could enjoy amenities such as a community pool, clubhouse or even common area for barbecues or a weekend get together. There could be a tennis or basketball court or even a playground. Use of these amenities is typically limited to residents within the community keeping the areas safer for children and helping to encourage a tighter knit community among neighbors.


Better Sense of Security

The simple way in which many townhomes are designed in such close proximity to each other provides built-in security for residents. Living in a townhome forces you to remain in close proximity to your neighbors, deterring criminals who may be seen by the people living next door.


Perfect Starter Home for Young Families

The benefits of living in a townhome extend to single adults or couples of any age and are especially beneficial for young families looking for their first home. Renting a townhome can help you to ease into the responsibility of a larger home after transitioning from apartment living.


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