townhome rental safety tipsRenting a townhome is an exciting living opportunity. Although Loveland is a relatively safe city, that doesn’t mean residents can ignore trying to keep their homes safe. There numerous things tenants can do to keep their Loveland townhomes for rent secure. Here are a few townhome rental safety tips:


Do your research

Before moving into a townhome, be sure to make sure the neighborhood is safe. Drive around at night to make sure there are enough streetlights and that the area feels secure. You can look up police records to see if crime frequently occurs in that neighborhood. You should also check to make sure the doors and windows are secure and that there is good lighting on the path from the parking area to the entrance.


Change the locks

The first thing to do when you move into a new townhome is to make sure the locks have been changed out since the previous tenant. This is an easy fix and is useful because you don’t know how many keys are floating around to the old locks. Check with your landlord to see if the locks have already been changed. If they have not replaced them, get permission to change them and see if your landlord or property management company will cover the cost.


Know your neighbors

Invest in getting to know your neighbors so you can tell if something is out of the ordinary or if there is someone in the area who doesn’t belong. Exchange phone numbers with the people living around you so you can alert them if you see anything suspicious. You and your neighbors can look out for each other and make sure everything is safe and in order when you are gone from your townhome.


Lock the doors

It may seem obvious, but the most effective safety tip is to simply make sure your doors and windows are locked. Be sure to lock the door and deadbolt when you aren’t home. You can even take it a step further and keep the door locked when you are home, especially if your townhome is located in a high-traffic area. Put poles or sliding rods in sliding doors to keep them locked.


Turn on the lights

Lights cannot only help you feel safer at night but also deter potential criminals. Make sure the lights outside your townhome work, and then turn them on when the sun goes down. Keeping a light on inside your house or setting them on a timer when you are on vacation can also make it seem like you are home and keep your townhome safer.


Get a security system

Some units may already have security systems installed. If yours does not, you can also check with your landlord to see if you can add one on your own. Security systems for your townhome can be personalized to meet your needs. The most basic systems trigger an alarm when a door or window is opened, and more advanced systems connect with your smartphone so you can control it and get notifications no matter where you are.


We hope these townhome rental safety tips can make you feel more comfortable and at home in your new space.



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townhome rental safety tips
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