Maintenance-Free Living in Northern Colorado

In many cases, townhomes and condominiums in Fort Collins and throughout Northern Colorado can feel like living in a single-family home with ample room and storage, but without having to spend time and money on upkeep.


With all the many activities Northern Colorado has to offer, you can spend your time outdoors and taking advantage of the many job and educational opportunities instead of constantly having to do yard work, fix the house, or shovel snow. A townhouse or condo provides great maintenance-free living in Northern Colorado.


No matter if you’re too busy, not physically able, or just don’t want to worry about upkeep, a townhouse or condo can provide all the amenities of home in the perfect maintenance-free environment. One of the added bonuses of living in a townhouse or condo in Colorado is that almost all properties cover snow removal, meaning that no matter how big the storm, you don’t have to worry about shoveling a driveway or path around your home.


That benefit alone can save you hours of grueling snow shoveling every winter and give you more time to enjoy being in the snow instead of digging it out.


Fort Collins and Northern Colorado have seen tremendous growth in recent years, and housing preferences are changing in the region. More people want to live in townhouses and condos, which means that many buildings are newer construction with nice finishes and up-to-date features and appliances.


And just like all real estate, location is key. All cities throughout Northern Colorado, including Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Windsor, and Johnstown, have townhouses and condos to rent, which gives you plenty of options to find the right location.


Within each city are unique neighborhoods and communities so you can find the place where you feel most at home. Many condos are conveniently located on or near a golf course, park, lake, or site with a view of beautiful scenery. With Northern Colorado’s gorgeous mountain views, it’s possible to have a great location and sweeping views of the Front Range.


Many townhouses and condos are also located close to major roads for easy access to the entire Northern Colorado region, including shopping, school, work, outdoor activities, and more.


With great amenities, space, views, and location, all on top of maintenance-free living, a townhouse or condo is a great option for renting in Northern Colorado. All Property Services is here to connect you with the best townhouse or condo to meet your needs and to help you sort through the inventory to find the right property. In the competitive rental market, it helps to see exactly what is available.


Townhome and Condominium Pricing


Most typical newer townhouses and condos feature two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Sometimes, these types of properties even have two master suites with connected bathrooms and walk-in closets.


With two separate bedrooms and bathrooms, townhouses and condos offer a great setup for roommates each needing their own space, families who want an extra bedroom, or a couple or young professional looking for a bedroom and home office space. Additionally, most units have two-car garages and basements for extra space or storage.


Many tenants use the garage and basement space for an extra living area, home gym, or additional office space. The covered garage is incredibly convenient for protecting your car year-round, from the scorching heat and damaging hail in the summer to the cold and snow in the winter.


When looking for a townhouse or condo, be prepared with a budget and know how much you can spend. Some townhouses and condos in Colorado can easily cost as much as a single-family home, especially when comparing a new condo or an older single-family rental home.


On average, you can expect to pay more than $1,100 per month for a townhome or condo. Often, units will range from $900 to $1,400 per month. At the more economical end of the price range, units will offer two bedrooms, one and a half or two bathrooms, and a single car garage.


Units on the higher end of the price range tend to be larger and newer and may include nicer appliances, more storage, and a better location.


Washer and dryer hookups are generally included, and some even have washers and dryers in the unit available for tenants. When it comes to townhomes and condominiums, yards are usually shared common areas for all residents and are maintained by the community association management.


Many complexes include outdoor dining spaces and picnic tables, trails, or a barbeque for residents. With a townhouse or condo, you can have access to outdoor space for entertaining or relaxing without having to worry about the upkeep.


Leases for Townhomes and Condominiums


Most townhomes and condos require a 12-month lease, with the expiration occurring during the summer months. The most common time to sign a new lease is late spring to early summer.


School-year leases (nine or ten months) can be found, more often in cities like Greeley and Fort Collins that tend to have more students, but they are less common than an annual lease term.


If you have a pet, you may need to sign an additional form with your lease. Many condos and townhomes have pet size and breed restrictions and may require a partially non-refundable pet deposit due when the lease is signed.


All Property Services has years of experience working with townhouses and condos across Northern Colorado. Our online system makes it easy to find available properties and quickly see the basic information, including location, size, and rent.


Each property also includes a detailed description, including any limits on tenants or pets, as well as photos so you can visualize the unit before visiting it in person.


Renting a townhome or condo in Northern Colorado allows you to spend less time maintaining your home and more time enjoying all the area has to offer. With the growth of the region, you can get into a great townhome that has everything you’re looking for.


Contact All Property Services today to get into the townhome or condo of your dreams.

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