Maintenance-Free Living in Northern Colorado

If you’re interested in maintenance-free living, a townhome or condominium may be the best option for you.  Most often, these rental units are newer construction, reflecting the recent shift in housing preferences in Northern Colorado.  Some townhomes and condominiums in Fort Collins and throughout Northern Colorado can easily cost as much as a single-family home.  When it comes to condominiums, location can be an important factor. Many are conveniently located on or near a golf course, park, lake or site with views of beautiful scenery.


Townhome and Condominium Pricing

Many newer townhomes and condominiums offer two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Sometimes, these types of properties even have two master suites.  Additionally, most units have two-car garages and basements.

On average, you can expect to pay more than $1,100.00 per month for a townhome or condo. Often, units will range from $900.00 to $1,400.00 per month.  At the more economical end of the price range, units will offer two bedrooms, one and a half or two bathrooms, and a single car garage.  Washer and dryer hookups are generally included and some even have washers and dryers in the unit available for tenants.  When it comes to townhomes and condominiums, yards are usually shared common areas for all residents and are maintained by the community association management.


Leases for Townhomes and Condominiums

A 12-month lease is typically required with the expiration occurring during the summer months.  School-year leases (nine or ten months) can be found, but they are less common than an annual lease term.  It’s also most likely that a condominium or townhome will have pet size and breed restrictions and may require a partially non-refundable pet deposit due when the lease is signed.

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