Moving? Make Sure to Update your Address in these Places

July 9, 2019

changing your address when moving, fort collins rental homeThe Fort Collins region boasts a bustling, vibrant district with an enriched local culture. With ample access to renowned restaurants, shops, and pubs, this college town is a popular choice for both residential buyers as well as renters. While living in Fort Collins is exciting, moving to this Colorado hotspot can be stressful. Make your relocation as easy as possible. As you plan to lease a Fort Collins rental house, update your address in these places to keep the anxiety levels to a minimum.




Current Post Office

Unfortunately, you can't leave your bills behind when you move to your new address (as much as you may want to). Notify the post office of your pending change of address to have any mail sent to your old address forwarded to your Fort Collins location. Many movers go online to quickly and easily process the new address and designate a start date for a seamless, virtually effortless transition.


Electric and Gas Companies

This is one item on the to-do checklist you'll want to resolve sooner rather than later to avoid arriving at your Fort Collins rental without heat and/or electricity. When you're ready to transfer your service, you'll want to arrange for a shut off at the end of moving day at your current home and then beginning of moving day for your new one so you'll be able to move into a warm, well-lit house.


Wifi (and Phone & Cable)

If you've cut the cord with your cable and phone services, you can generally omit them at your Fort Collins rental property as well. However, you will want to contact a local Internet provider in your district to make your appointment for WiFi well in advance of your actual move-in day. Even if you opt out of having a landline, you should still contact your cellphone provider to make sure they know where to direct your future bills.


Tax Agencies

You will absolutely want to notify both your local tax agency as well as the federal revenue agency before your relocation. The IRS makes it relatively easy with a simple online form that lets them know you're moving. Additionally, many state entities will also provide a straightforward digital process as well.


Place of Business

Direct deposit makes it easy to forget all the other forms your employer sends to your home. Tax forms, updated HR policies, and insurance cards are just some of the many items you'll want to make sure get routed to the right place.


Online Shopping Websites

You'll definitely want all of your Amazon buys to get shipped to the right place. Make a list of the e-commerce sites you frequent and go through each of your stored profiles to update your shipping information and ensure all of your automated orders find you at your new home.


Banks and Credit Card Firms

You absolutely won't want the new residents at your current address to have access to your bank and credit card statements. Go online to see if you can quickly make the changes without having to waste time calling the companies.


Property Insurance

You'll want to contact your insurance agency prior to your move to expedite your new policy transfer. This is especially important with renters' insurance, as many landlords or property management companies require advance proof of transfer before they'll allow you to move in.


Health Care Providers

You should give your doctor, dentist, and even your veterinarian the heads up that you'll be changing your address. If these individual service providers are no longer local, you'll want to ask them about referrals as well as coordinate them transferring your records.


Personal Network

Don't forget about friends and loved ones when going through the list of people and places that will need your new address. Many movers send out a change address card for a tangible reminder of where to find you after moving day. However, if you simply can't add one more errand to your growing to-do list, you can also just send out a mass email with your new information, BCCing everyone on it.


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