With the current stay at home order, there have been countless events across the country that have been canceled or postponed. Everything from dinner parties to sold-out concerts are waiting to be rescheduled, but thankfully there are a number of virtual events for you to safely attend from the comfort of your Northern Colorado rental apartment.


To keep you and your loved ones entertained during the quarantine, here are a number of events and activities that you can participate in while still doing your part to flatten the curve with social distancing.


northern colorado virtual activities and events

Create Your Own Virtual Hang Out or Event

Many virtual events take place at certain times on certain days. Despite the fact that you can’t leave the house, you may find it difficult to work around homeschooling, work from home, or daily routine schedules to be able to check into virtual events. You can, however, schedule time to connect with friends and family using platforms such as Zoom or Google Hangouts.


Regardless of what your group size is, scheduling a virtual hang out can help you keep in contact with the people you love through more than a text or phone call. With just a little creativity, a virtual get together can be happy hour, girl’s night, family game night, book club, a play date, or whatever you want it to be. Using technology, you can create an event that will fit the needs and interests of you and your group and keep you from feeling socially isolated.


Check Out Your Local Library {Website}

The Poudre River Public Library District, Loveland Public Library, and Estes Valley Library all offer a variety of virtual opportunities every week. Whether you log in to story time for your children or join a virtual book club, check your library’s website for events and activities that will encourage you to read more than just the news updates.


Take a Virtual Fitness Class

Gyms of all fitness preferences are temporarily closed, but many gyms are helping people stay active through at-home fitness classes and live video workouts. Whether you workout in your living room, your bedroom, or your back patio, social distancing won’t keep you from meeting your fitness goals.


Some of the fitness centers offering virtual opportunities include:


Visit a Museum

By now, you have probably heard that 12 famous museums from all over the globe are offering virtual tours that you can take without even getting out of bed. You can tour the Guggenheim Museum in New York or the Musee d’Orsay in Paris, but you may be able to experience some of your favorite local museums as well. The Fort Collins Museum of Discovery is offering Daily Discovery activities such as how to make an observation journal as well as access for free streaming of three Giant Screen Films. Colorado State University’s Gregory Allicar Museum of Art offers the opportunity to explore their museum collection online and The Independence Gallery in Loveland also offers virtual tours and the opportunity to shop their online gallery.


Take Distance Learning Classes From The Gardens on Spring Creek

This time at home can be a great time to catch up on your gardening or yard work. Whether you have a few planter boxes on your balcony or a full yard to work in, The Gardens on Spring Creek offers several different distance learning classes that you can sign up for during the month of April.


Learn to Paint With Pinot’s Palette

Pinot’s Palette in Fort Collins is hosting virtual classes that will allow you enjoy a guided painting experience safely from your rental apartment. You can purchase a Take Home Paint Kit that provides you with the paint supplies you need to pick up from the studio and from there you can either join the interactive live event or view it at your leisure within 4 days. They have kits for adults as well as kits for kids, allowing you to include whomever you are quarantined with.


Virtual Farmers Market

Unlike grocery stores, the Winter Farmers Market has closed and the season has been canceled. You can, however, continue to support local producers, growers, and makers by participating in the virtual farmers market. Each week participating vendors will upload and update available goods or services that you can order online and schedule delivery throughout Northern Colorado. Delivery fees range from $5 to $10 depending on where you are located, but you can enjoy fresh food or locally grown produce that is delivered to the door of your apartment.

northern colorado virtual activities and events
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