why choose a loveland rental houseYou can find a variety of housing options in Loveland. The diverse population means there are rental options for all types of budgets and preferences. One of the best ways to experience Loveland is in a rental house. Why should you choose a Loveland rental house over a different kind of rental? Houses for rent offer many advantages and amenities that just can’t be found in apartments or condos. When you live in as unique and beautiful a place as this Northern Colorado city, you want to be able to truly experience it and enjoy where you live. A rental house makes that possible.


Here are the top three reasons to live in Loveland houses for rent instead of other kinds of rentals:



Instead of having to hear footsteps of your upstairs neighbors and the noise and conversations of the people on either side of you, a rental house offers privacy and your own space. Apartment complexes tend to be busy with people coming and going past your doors and windows at any hour of the day and night. With so many people residing in close quarters, it can be hard to feel like you have your own space. A rental house doesn’t have shared walls, so you’re much less likely to hear other people’s noise. Because the space is all yours, the only people walking right by your door should be there to visit you.



One of the most noteworthy advantages to renting a house over an apartment or condo is that houses typically have more space. You can use this extra room for roommates, kids, or a place to entertain guests. More space also means more room for storage. This can be a huge advantage in Loveland, where outdoor activities abound. With a rental house, you’ll likely have more space to store your kayak, boat, skis, hiking boots, and camping gear. Rental houses also typically have some kind of private outdoor space like a patio or backyard. Private outdoor space is almost unheard of in apartments, so this added space can be a great bonus for entertaining, letting the dog run, or having a place for kids to play. Instead of having to go to a park to play, you can do it in your own backyard.



There’s nothing worse than paying to rent an apartment and not having a guaranteed parking spot. Almost every apartment dweller has had the experience of coming home late at night and having to circle the block a time or two before finding a parking spot down the street. With a rental house, you most likely have a driveway to park in, as well as a carport or garage. That means you can keep your car protected during snowy Loveland winters and have guaranteed parking available for roommates or guests. Garage space can also be used for additional storage for larger or seasonal items.


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why choose a loveland rental house
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