Of all the great places to live in Colorado, Greeley is a hidden gem. With a great location, many opportunities for getting outside and staying active, and a variety of houses for rent in Greeley, there is a lot to love about Greeley.   After a difficult year, Greeley is a great place to call home, for a fresh start and a welcome refuge. Living in Greeley, CO has many benefits.   No matter if you’re looking for a long-term place to set down roots or a short-term adventure, Greeley is a great place to consider.  

Low Cost Of Living

low cost of living in greeley, co Greeley is among the most affordable places to live in Colorado. People in Greeley pay less for nearly everything, from renting apartments to owning a home and paying for other essentials.   Many people find they can get more for their money in Greeley than they can in other neighboring towns and cities, meaning that a house or apartment that may seem unattainable in other parts of Colorado could be within your budget in Greeley. If you are moving to Northern Colorado, Greeley can provide a budget-friendly option.   In general, housing costs nearly 45% more in Denver than it does in Greeley, and overall costs are 21.5% higher in Denver than they are in Greeley.   Greeley offers some of the most affordable rentals in Northern Colorado without sacrificing amenities, quality, and safety.   The significant differences in the cost of living make Greeley a financially sound option, while still being close to Denver and the rest of the Front Range.   Aside from its low cost of living, Greeley also has a thriving economy. In 2018, the city was named the top city in the entire country for job growth and overall economy.   Even though the country’s entire economy has faced uncertainty lately, Greeley still offers many job opportunities.   Because of the central location and affordability, Greeley attracts many businesses across numerous industries. From agriculture to education, there are many jobs to be found in Greeley.  

Central Location

Greeley’s great location puts you right in the middle of everything across the Front Range. Greeley is centrally located within an hour of Denver, Fort Collins, and Cheyenne, Wyoming, providing access to diverse urban areas.   Denver is home to an international airport and major sports teams, and the surrounding cities have their own unique cultures that make for great weekend getaways.   Other thriving cities in Northern Colorado, including Loveland, are only about 30 minutes away.   Greeley’s great location also puts its residents close to some of the world’s best outdoor recreation. Rocky Mountain National Park is only an hour and a half away, and the Roosevelt and Arapaho National Forests are within a few hours.   Within a three-hour drive from Greeley are 10 of the country’s best ski resorts, including Breckenridge and the Loveland Ski Area.   ski lift at the loveland ski area   From Greeley, it doesn’t take long to enjoy road trips to cities and states throughout the west and mountain west.   The city is a great home base for those who want to get out and travel or even those who want to stay closer to home and soak in local attractions.  

Great Outdoor Recreation

In the heart of Northern Colorado, Greeley has an amazing variety of outdoor recreation opportunities and beautiful natural views throughout town.   To the west are beautiful views of the mountains, and to the east are sprawling plains and wildlife. There are recreational activities for everyone in Greeley.   The Poudre River Trail winds for 21 miles and is a popular location for walking and biking along the river.   poudre river trail between greeley and windsor   Throughout Greeley, there are 85 miles of dedicated biking lanes, making it easy to get around and enjoy the beautiful scenery.   Right next to Greeley is Pawnee National Grassland, an expansive area used for hiking, hunting, birdwatching, and many other activities.   Throughout Greeley there are also numerous parks and playgrounds, including the Gateway Lakes Natural Area, Wood Briar Park, and Avens Village Playground, that have sports fields, trails, and playgrounds.   Greeley Recreation offers five facilities for residents and families, including the Greeley Recreation Center, which offers classes and activities for residents of all ages.   Greeley Ice Haus offers ice skating and hockey classes and clinics for residents of all levels and abilities, from beginner child figure skating to adult hockey leagues.   The Family FunPlex has offerings for people of all ages, including an indoor waterpark, fitness center, outdoor mini-golf, amphitheater, and much more.   Rodarte Community Center focuses on youth enrichment programs, both during the summer and after school.   Greeley also has two golf courses open to the public, both of which have been recognized as some of the best in the state.   There are also numerous sports leagues for children and adults, giving everyone a chance to get outside and be active – the go-to lifestyle of Colorado.

Lively Food and Beer Scene

Northern Colorado is known for its craft beer, and Greeley doesn’t disappoint. The city is home to many popular craft breweries, including Crabtree Brewing, Wiley Roots Brewing Co, and Broken Plow Brewery.   Each brewery is proud to bring in guests to showcase their best drinks and offer tastings. Not all of the breweries serve food, and many invite their guests to bring their own food or enjoy cuisine from local restaurants and food trucks, which gives guests a chance to create their perfect, personalized evening out. food truck driver handing woman food Most of the breweries host events and live music, making them popular gathering spaces in town.   Greeley is also home to a variety of restaurants with cuisine from all around the world and right in your backyard.   There are more than 165 restaurants in town, each offering a unique menu and experience. Greeley offers everything from upscale steakhouses to hole-in-the-wall taco shops and comfort food diners.   Many restaurants may have limited capacity and are under social distancing restrictions, but nearly every restaurant in town offers delivery and pickup options.  

Arts And Culture Scene

Greeley has a unique arts and culture scene that showcases the many backgrounds and points of view of the city’s residents.   Downtown Greeley is a Colorado Certified Creative District and home to many arts centers and galleries, including mediums that range from paintings and photographs to sculpture and pottery.   empty bike rack in downtown greeley   The Tointon Gallery accepts submissions from local artists of all levels as a way to showcase the diverse talent of the city.   Union Colony Civic Center is one of Northern Colorado’s best performing arts centers and hosts concerts and plays throughout the year.   University of Northern Colorado also has numerous performing arts groups, including theater groups and musical presentations, that are open to public audiences and add to the strong culture of the city.   Greeley is home to lots of bands from all genres, who regularly play at venues around town.   Throughout the city there are also numerous events, ranging from art walks to beer festivals all year round.   Greeley runs a farmers’ market all year round and connects fresh produce and food from local farmers and artisans to the local population.   The biggest event of the year is the Greeley Stampede, the largest 4th of July rodeo and celebration in the United States. The Stampede includes two full weeks of events and festivities, ending in spectacular fireworks that can be seen all over town.  

Focus on Education

Greeley is known for its commitment to education, and it’s shown through the many educational opportunities.   The largest institution is the University of Northern Colorado, centrally located in Greeley. Aside from being one of the biggest employers in Greeley, UNC is home to more than 13,000 students.   students in a classroom   UNC adds a thriving environment to Greeley and offers many development and performance opportunities for Greeley residents, as well as the chance to be a spectator at sporting events.   Greeley is home to many high-quality public and private schools, many of which offer a wide variety of extracurricular activities.   Throughout the city there are organizations and centers for children and adults of all ages to learn, grow, and continue their education and personal development.     Aside from schools, Greeley has other ways to learn and grow. There are numerous museums in town that showcase the history of the area, including the Meeker House Museum, Greeley History Museum, and the White-Plumb Farm Learning Center.   Centennial Village Museum is a living history experience that helps you take a step back in time and experience what life was like in historical Greeley. Greeley residents are proud of their region’s history and eager to share it with others.   Greeley, Colorado is a great place to live, and these six reasons to live in Greeley showcase its many positive qualities. With its great location, strong culture, and many outdoor recreational activities, it is a wonderful place to call home.

empty bike rack in downtown greeley
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