The 11th Annual Windsor Arbor Day 5K Run/Walk will take place on Saturday, April 16th. The Town of Windsor Tree Board and the Parks, Recreation and Culture Department have hosted this family friendly 5K since 2005. All proceeds of this unique 5K Run/Walk go toward planting trees throughout the Windsor community.

Arbor Day History

Arbor Day was originated in Nebraska in April of 1872 to encourage people to plant and care for trees. It has since become a recognized holiday in several countries around the world. Founded by J. Sterling Morton, President Grover Cleveland’s Secretary of Agriculture, Arbor Day was established because he believed the state of Nebraska did not have enough trees. Approximately one million trees were planted on that first Arbor Day in 1872. In 1970, President Richard Nixon declared Arbor Day to be a national holiday that would be celebrated on the last Friday in April. States such as Hawaii or Alaska, however, celebrate on a different day in accordance with their planting seasons. Japan was the first country to recognize Arbor Day in 1895 and since then at least 38 countries worldwide have followed suit. In 1972, The National Arbor Foundation was founded and has helped plant more than 20 million trees since 1990.

The typical way to celebrate Arbor Day is by planting and caring for trees. Many schools encourage students to plant a tree in honor of someone special. Other ways to support Arbor Day are by making donations to help save the rainforest or participating in a recycling program. Many choose to educate about the importance of trees and the role they play in our lives while others choose to simply buy plants and go outside to enjoy the trees.

Importance of Trees

Arbor Day and all festivities dedicated in support of it, including the Windsor Arbor Day 5K Run/Walk, are centered on the importance of trees. Trees turn carbon dioxide into oxygen. One large tree has the potential to provide a full day’s supply of oxygen for up to four people. The trees of the Amazon Rainforest are responsible for producing more than 20 percent of the world’s oxygen. Trees also remove air pollution, which improves air quality and consequently can improve our health. Trees provide important food, shade and shelter for many animals as well as for human beings. Trees are important to life on this planet for so many other reasons, creating a need for the conservation and advocacy of trees throughout the world.

5K Run/Walk

In 2008, a devastating tornado made its way through the town of Windsor taking with it a large portion of the community’s trees. Windsor’s Arbor Day 5K Run/Walk is not only important to encourage the planting of and caring for trees, but it also greatly aids in the continuing effort to restore and replant what was lost. Runners and walkers alike are encouraged to bring their leashed dogs and participate in this special Windsor tradition. The race will begin and end at Boardwalk Park and will follow the Windsor Lake Trail. Pre-registration goes through April 15th at 12 pm at a discounted fee of $15 per person. After the 15th, registration fees go up to $20 per person. Check-in will be at 7:00 am with the race beginning at 8:00. Windsor’s Arbor Day 5K Run/Walk is also a qualifier for the Bolder Boulder. Come celebrate the beauty of trees today and forever along with other caring members of the Windsor community in Colorado.

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